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Providing education to children in Haiti

Crossroads Haiti is Providing an Education to Children in Haiti


The majority of Haitian children lack access to a quality education due to the cost of books, supplies, transportation, and mandatory uniforms. 

Crossroads Church has been partnering with New Life Children's Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for several years by sending teams to New Life and the surrounding areas to provide food, water filters, medical clinics, and children’s events. In 2017 Crossroads Church launched Crossroads Haiti which offers scholarships for the children at New Life Children's Home.

Due to the high cost of schooling, poor families only send their children to school during months or years when they can afford it. As such, several children lose years of schooling and are too old for their grade level when they come back.
— World Bank

Not only will you be providing an education to a child who desires to learn, you will also be giving a child the possibility of a successful future. This ministry serves to unite a child in need with a sponsor that will provide the necessities for a quality Christian education at New Life Christian School. Through the scholarship program a child will be enrolled in school, provided with a uniform, materials to thrive, and receive a nutritious lunch each school day.

For only $36 per month you can change a child's life by providing the gift of an education.

Every sponsor receives yearly updates on his or her student, accompanied by a photograph, and a letter from the student. Since Crossroads Church schedules three mission opportunities a year to New Life Christian Home being able to meet your child is an even greater possibility.


Marlee Project

Help Marlee's legacy live on by contributing to the Marlee Project. You can donate through Crossroads Church's website. In the dropdown select Missions and write The Marlee Project in the memo line.

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